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Truth Be Told: "Behind the Set"


I have had the pleasure of interviewing Yes many times in a number of member configurations for both radio and television. I've spoken to all of them either one-on-one, two and/or three at a time, and I've even chatted with a few members at one session when they toured in support on the "Union" disc. They were all especially nice gentlemen to me and always provided me with well thought out, eloquent, articulate answers.

For this piece, I want to tell you about one Jon Anderson interview in particular.

I was doing my afternoon broadcast at WCCC-FM in Hartford hours before Yes was to perform at the Civic Center.

I was featuring the music of Yes ("I've Seen All Good People" to be exact) when Jon Anderson entered the room. In his hand was a tambourine. I suspected he brought it with him, since I was aware that the band had just finished their sound check. I got up, walked over to introduce myself, and told him to make himself comfortable behind the guest mike. He turned to one of my staff and whispered something. The assistant left the room, and when she returned, handed Jon a Sharpie. Picture Jon Anderson drawing on this tambourine while the music played.

What happened next couldn't have happened at a better moment. I put on my headphones, as did Jon. I potted up our mikes as the song began to fade out, and Jon started to sing along, which went over the air. It was very cool.

After what proved to be a great interview – where we discussed music, singing, astronomy, channeling, and Native Americans (all important topics for Jon), among other things – he got up and – without saying a word – left the tambourine on my satchel. What a fantastic gesture. I had more Yes music playing on the air, and that's when Jon invited me backstage before the gig. He told me he travels with a teepee and sits inside to meditate prior to the performance. I found our interview to be intellectually stimulating and revealing of Jon's personality, and there was no doubt he was a fascinating artist. I knew meeting him backstage would only confirm what I already knew. Trust me when I write that being around Jon Anderson gives you a feeling of calm, peacefulness, the sense of one's inner self being tethered down, and believe this: I'm one intensely passionate, obsessive compulsive type of guy. I had to go, and I did.

Jon Anderson is a most unusual and interesting man, and he and the music of Yes have touched millions of people since 1968. They are still doing so to this day.

Meet Lich, your interviewer:

Lich, best interview I've ever done! - Mellissa Etheridge

I've done over 1,000 interviews, this one was the best. - David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash

This has been the best, most interesting interview I have ever done anywhere around the world. Your questions are like no others I've ever been asked before. - Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire

Lich you're a great interviewer and you have all your facts right. I was absolutely impressed. I feel like you've known me all my life! - Steve Miller

Lich, it's always a pleasure. You always ask the right questions. - James Pankow, trombonist and one of the original members of Chicago

Lich really believes in what he is doing. That's just refreshing. When you sit down with him and go WOW…we don't get to do this very often and get intelligent questions. - Jonathan Cain of Journey

I love this! Lich, I'll sit down with you anytime for more, that's for sure. - Brett Michaels of Poison

Where did you get your information from? How did you find this stuff out about me…and your questions…no one has ever asked me questions like this before, ever. - Michael McDonald

Man, you did your homework. Great questions. I loved doing this. - Chick Corea

Great interview…beyond anyone I've ever done before. - Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon

This has been an interview like nothing I've ever done in the past. How did you know about the bands I fancied playing with in my past? I hope at some point my mates in the Stones talked to you as well. They'd be keen on doing this. - Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones

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